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Our aim.  The aim of the Keyi Welsh pony stud is to breed ponies that are "unmistakably Welsh".

Our objective.  To breed Welsh ponies that are unmistakably Welsh, have good conformation, are up to height, and well of their hocks.  We aim to bred ponies that can be successful in hand and in Ridden Native pony, pony dressage and Show Hunter pony classes.

 History of the Stud

The Keyi Welsh pony stud was established in 1983 when we purchased Madaroma Dulcet from Mrs. Soster at the Madaroma stud. The stud started breeding Welsh ponies in 1985 after we purchased Weston Fernando (sire: Weston Gigli - dam:  Weston Pearl) from Victoria. Jack Edwards imported Weston Fernando to Australia when he relocated the Weston stud to Australia in 1979.

Weston Fernando and Madaroma Dulcet were a very successful combination for us. 5 of their 10 offspring won classes at All Welsh shows. All Weston Fernando's stock inherited their sire's excellent limbs. We have retained 3 Fernando daughters at the stud.

We were so pleased with the quality of Weston Fernando's stock we imported Carolinas Mistlethrush (Sire:  Carolinas Purple Emperor  - dam:  Colbeach Minette) from Mrs. Bachman at the Carolinas stud in the United Kingdom in 1993 to put over our Weston Fernando mares. Mistlethrush has proved to be a great sire of brood mares. We have retained 6 of his daughters. They all have his great movement and the "roundness" we were hoping he would put into our ponies.

In 1998 we purchased Kirreway Play-fair from Janet Evans. Play-fair proved to be a very commercial stallion. Two of our broodmares at the stud have him in their bloodlines.

In 2001 we purchased Weston Park Congo (sire:  Eyarth Sama - dam:  Weston Charmaine) from Janet Evans at the Weston Park stud to put height and elegance back into our stock. We consider he has done a grand job.

In 2008 we purchased Pontsteffan Simwynt (sire:  Cwrtycadno Cymro - dam:  Millcroft Simone) from Robert Jones in the United Kingdom as a colt foal. We consider he has the conformation, movement and style to take us to the next level. We are very pleased with his first foals.  We think he works very well to ponies with Carolinas Mistlethrush in their background.

We have had 7 foals by Pontsteffan Simwnt in 2012 (2 colts and 5 fillies) and 3 foals by Weston Park Congo (all colts - alas).

Current operation of the stud.

The Keyi stud has around 30 ponies (including foals).

Our stallions are Weston Park Congo and Pontsteffan Simwnt. Weston Park Congo and Pontsteffan Simwnt stand to outside mares.

Our broodmare band is largely based on the progeny of 3 mares, Madoroma Dulcet, Trehane Cornelia (imported) & Rotherwood Charm (imported).  Most of our broodmares are by Carolinas Mistlethrush or are decendants of Carolinas Mistlethrush stock.

We breed between 4 and 10 foals a season, depending on the how good the season is. All our foals are handled early and are regularly wormed.

Ponies from the stud have been very successful in the show ring. Since 1988 (when we started showing) 25 ponies bred by the stud have won classes or broad ribbons at the NSW and Victorian All Welsh shows. Even though we rarely show at Royal shows, 14 ponies we have bred have won at these shows.

We have moved

In October 2012 we moved to a 259 acre property that has been set up as a thoroughbred stud in Euroa in northern Victoria.  The property has 12 paddocks with laneways between each paddock and holding yards off each paddock.  It has 5 stables (including 2 double stables) and 4 small holding paddocks to hold injured or ill ponies.  We thought our previous property, Caroola was well set up, but it is nothing like this.

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