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Carolinas Mistlethrush

(imported). Born 1992. Height 12.3 hands


Photo taken when Mistlethrush was 19 years old.  Mistlethrush has been the main producer of broodmares for our stud. We have retained 8 daughters. They have all inherited his extravagant movement, good bone and clean gullet.


Carolinas Purple
Solway Master Bronze Coed Coch Glyndwr
Criban Biddy Bronze
Eden Blue Bunting Gorsty Dark Shadow
Talfan Snow Bunting
Colbeach Minette Downland Mandarin Downland Chevalier
Coed Coch Gold Mair
Colbeach Lady Levanne Coed Coch Endor
Surryhills Dutchess Anne

Last edited on 29-03-11