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Pontsteffan Simwnt (Dai) foals

Simwnt has given us 7 foals this year, 5 fillies and 2 colts.


Keyi Chamonix.  Sire:  Pontsteffan Simwnt (imported).  Dam Keyi Christianna (by Carolinas Mistlethrush - imported)


Chamonix is an upstanding colt who is very Welsh, very correct and has his parents great movement.  Photo taken at 4 months.


Keyi Chriselda.  Sire:  Pontsteffan Simwnt (imported).  Dam Keyi Chiquita (by Carolinas Mistlethrush - imported).


Chriselda is a very correct filly who should make a good show filly and mare.  Photo taken at 3 days.

Keyi Samara  Sire:  Pontsteffan Simwnt.  Dam:  Weston Park Samantha (by Eyarth Sama - imported).


Samara is a very pretty and correct daughter out of Weston Park Samatha, who is a full sister of Weston Park Congo.  Photo taken at 3 weeks. 

Keyi Diantha  Sire:  Pontsteffan Simwnt.  Dam:   Keyi Dillys (by Carolinas Mistlethrush - imported).


Diantha is a very Welsh pony who should grow well up to height.  Photo taken at 6 months.

Keyi Chittara  Sire:  Pontsteffan Simwnt.  Dam: Keyi Chime (by Carolinas Mistlethrush - imported).


A very correct filly who is a full sister of Keyi Chasca and Keyi Cello. 






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