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The Keyi is now in Victoria

We are located on Wadesons road, a small road 3 kilometres off the Hume Highway, between Violet Town and Euroa.  We are approximately 10 kilometres from Euroa, on the same road as the Karanga Welsh pony stud, if you go from Euroa.  The stud 140 kilometres from Wodonga and 60 Kilometres from Euroa.

To get to the Keyi, from the Hume Highway, turn right into Wilbrahams road at the Wilbraham/Griffen road cross roads (There is a truck park on the left hand side).  Travel over the railway line.  Travel 2 kilometres from the railway line to the Lomers road (left hand side) Wadesons road cross road.  Turn right into Wadesons road and travel 1 kilometre and turn into the farm through the stone entrance on the right hand side of the road.


We can email you the mud map.


Last edited on 27-01-13